Family Support Programs

Each Family Support Program is designed to actively provide services to families with children suffering from Sickle Cell Disease (SCD).

Every program includes:

  • Social settings with other families and children coping with SCD
  • Information on healthy lifestyles, coping strategies and financial literacy
  • SCD research and advocacy updates
  • Light meal


An important aspect of CSCF, Inc. programming is that it is open to ALL family members, siblings and even playmates. By extending our programming beyond the affected child and his/her parents, the family will be able to have a wide support net of family and friends aware of this unique health situation. The child will not feel singled out because of their illness by peers or siblings, and the negative stigma associated with SCD will be progressively removed.

Family Support Programs & Events


The Children’s Institute, 1405 Shady Ave, Pittsburgh, PA

Through partnership with the Children’s Institute, we help families Stay Motivated, Active, Smart and Healthy (SMASH) through homework help, coping sessions and physical activities like swimming and karate.

Healthy Family Sessions

Healthy Family Sessions are monthly meetings that offer caregivers the opportunity to learn new information about sustaining a healthy family financially, emotionally as well as medically.


Children will learn the joy of giving as they choose gifts for their siblings in our “Santa’s Workshop” filled with items for all ages.

Living Well with Sickle Cell® Walk
and Super Fun Day at Kennywood

Each year we hold our Living Well with Sickle Cell® Walk in Kennywood Park to raise awareness about sickle cell disease. The walk is held on the second Sunday of June before the park opens. Additionally, we bring over 200 families together from western Pennsylvania who are living with sickle cell disease to enjoy a fun-filled day at Kennywood by offering discounted FunDay passes, lunch and raffle prizes.

All programs are free but pre-registration is required.