Family Advocacy

Tell Governor Corbett to reconsider the 45% cut for sickle cell and other combined medical programs. As many of you know, my son, Jonathan has sickle cell disease and he receives care through the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC Sickle Cell Program. He is taking Hydroxyurea to treat SCD and must be followed monthly by the Hematology Team. It frightens me to think about what life will be without access to the physicians, nurses and social workers that help to keep Jonathan and many other children and adults with SCD healthy.

Decide today whether you will write a letter or call.

Visit the Pennsylvania General Assembly page to find your Legislators. Then write to them or call them to tell your own story of how these proposed cuts will affect your family. Respectfully urge your elected officials to take a stand against this budget structure and its proposed cuts! Ask for them to share with you where they stand on this issue. Remember that in Pennsylvania there are thousands of children and adults that will suffer if. Governor Corbett doesn't get the message that he can't afford to balance the budget on the backs of the most vulnerable!

Family Advocacy...Your voice can change the world!

Call or write today!