Team Man Man

Hello everyone, My name is Twaina Williams. I am the parent of a handsome young man who is living with Sickle Cell Disease type SC. From the outside looking in, you would never know that he is living with any disease. He is a talented, funny, outgoing teenager who drives me crazy daily lol but fights hard every day to live his best life. To know him is to love him and by the grace of God, he is doing remarkably well. Nijere was diagnosed at birth with the disease. While there has been many trying times, from transfusions, to surgeries, and even hospital stays. He still manages to stay strong and keep a positive attitude. Nijere has gone from working a summer job last summer, thanks to the Sickle Cell Foundation to playing sports that he loves(basketball, football, and even wrestled) pretty much all his life. He is a determined child who fights hard in school/life to do his best, despite any challenges he comes across on a daily basis. That's just a part of our story. No amount to small or big to donate. No time to little. Please come out and support the walk with a $10 registration fee or donate and sponsor him to walk on your behalf. Help us to create and spread more awareness. Most of all, help us to support more people living with this challenging disease, live their best life.
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The Children’s Sickle Cell Foundation provides quality programs for children with sickle cell disease and their families to help them face the educational, social and economic challenges caused by the disease and are committed to community education and awareness, advocacy and support for research.  For more information, or call 412-488-CSCF (2723) and email