SCD Research Subjects Needed!

We need people who are not on hydroxyurea OR who are thinking about bone marrow transplant.

You do not need to decide yes to anything, we just want you to help us evaluate and test a website that teaches people about treatment options and helps guide you through the decision making process.
We are recruiting parents of children less than 18 years old and patients 18 years and older.
Parents will fill out a set of questionnaires on the internet after each of their next 3 clinic visits and will do telephone interviews after these visits as well. You will be paid $25 for each set of questionnaires and another $25 for each interview.
The only requirement is that you have internet access.
We are recruiting from all over the country. Consent and all contact will be via telephone (text if desired) and email.
Email or call Dianna with your phone number and she will get back to you asap.