Parent-To-Child (Haplo) bone marrow transplants

The Haplo SCD Consortium offers Parent-To-Child (haplo) bone marrow transplants for sickle cell disease (SCD). The consortium offers a multi-institutional phase II clinical trial that uses half-matched family donors to try and cure sickle cell disease in children ages 2-20. Led by Dr. Mitchell Cairo (Principal investigator) at New York Medical College, the study is enrolling at 5 transplant centers across the country. While using HLA-matched siblings, as transplant donors has been successful in curing sickle cell disease, not everyone has a full HLA matched donor available. The purpose of this study is to repeat that same success for children who do not have fully matched donors. To learn more, please visit (NCT01461837) or our study homepage. Contacts: Dr. Mitchell Cairo at 914-594-2150 or Erin Morris, RN (Study coordinator) at 714-964-5359 to learn more. Participating transplant centers: To find a participating transplant center near you, please visit our website